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Posted by pisuke on Jan 07, 2005 - 10:42 PM

b/rad [3]

I had the time to check the functionality of b/rad with windows, and had some problems with its installation ...
The installation of b/rad under windows is a little bit more complicated, since it requires setting up some environment variables and installing the correct Python packages (I found that Blender 2.36 doesn't like Python 2.4). So I've set up a little FAQ (click here [4] to check it) that explains the steps I've taken to make b/rad work with my windows 2000 desktop at work.

There are also some limitations: if working with the Desktop Radiance binaries, the Mesh primitive is of course not available. Also, I've discovered that pcond has some problems with paths including space characters, so the sky preview doesn't seem to work. The exportation with xforms is working correctly, so b/rad is still usable under windows.

Using Cygwin and the latest Radiance binaries I've compiled (i.e. launching Blender from a Cygwin console) enables the latest Radiance extensions, so the Mesh primitive export, even with textures if ImageMagick is installed, should work.

Have Fun!