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I've installed the radiance 3.8 on macos x 10.4.10 with blender 2.45 and python 2.5.1. Radiance and blender are working just fine. However, when i tried to use b/rad after follow instruction of b/rad, when reached "Misc/Blended RADiance" there is a error saying that "Python script error : check console". Regarding to previous posts, with blender 2.36 , there is a need to use python 2.3. However, I have no idea whether that should apply for mac osx as well. It would be very kind of you if you can kindly give me some advice on this.


Hi, sorry for the problem :-) Unfortunately I don't have a macos x box, so I am unsure about the solution but I'll try. Could you try saving the "brad" folder to a location outside the .scripts folder, then save the "" script inside the .script folder and edit it so that the brad_path variable points to the folder containing the "brad" folder? Please let me know how it goes. Regards, Francesco