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I've installed the radiance macos x binaries (running macos 10.3.7 and python 2.3). blender 2.36, xfree86, and imagemagick via fink. radiance is working. blender is working. ((-:
BUT if i try the "sky preview" i get "ximage: /Applications/Blender/ cannot open display" in the console window.
is it possible to make x11-applications able to open the x-display via blender/python o­n macos x?


Reply from Giulio (GRAZIE!!!): -1- make sure that ximage works at all on your system (just a silly check, but you never know) -2- if ximage works, the solution is then to start blender from the terminal. to do that you need to go into: in fact is a folder folder as all macosx applications (to browse it you need to ctlr+click on it and ask for 'show contents' in the contextual menu) when you are into just type: ./blender the GUI starts and everything works. plus you are able to see error messages in the terminal window (good if you need to fix a problem) only small problem is that the window is larger than the screen, but you can adjust the menu position by dragging them.