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I'm using Blender 2.36 under windows and b/rad is not working: what should I do?


Make sure that you have installed Python 2.3 (Blender 2.36 is not compatible with Python 2.4).

After that, go to My Computer/Control Panel/System/Advanced, and
click on the "Environment Variables ..." button.
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After that, add the new two environment variables PYTHONHOME and PYTHONPATH, pointing them to the Python folder (default C:\PYTHON23)
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and update the PATH environment variable.
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Then, install the pywin32 package, put the content of the brad archive in .blender/scripts, open Blender, open a scripts window, Update menus and launch b/rad. Don't forget to update the program preferences and to create the export folder (default C:\BRAD).
Click here to see a picture of my desktop running brad and the Desktop Radiance version of rview.

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